Wow what just happened?? Here’s to my first post of 2015. Happy New Year peeps!!! (7 days later)

2014 passed by like a blink of an eye. It was a hard year for almost everyone I know including myself. It almost seemed like there was a cosmic imbalance which resulted in negative magnetism for all of us be it deaths in the family, loss of your loved ones, major shifts that forces you to ACCEPT it all in order to even move on and live like a normal person. I want to take this moment and space to remember the tragedy of #MH370, #MH17 and #QZ8501. It was a hard year for everyone.

Did I try to have a happy new year? I sure did but the news of my beautiful aunt falling into coma on the 1st of January 2015 just set things back to being uneasy again for all of us. May peace be upon her, my Mamalong. I want to always remember her for her kindness, strength in always taking care of everyone in the family, how she used to sing all the time and hum beautiful traditional Malay songs while cleaning, cooking…Oh she was very good at singing and many admired her for that. We spent Eid at her house next to the beach in Port Dickson almost every single year. She was always supportive and proud of my music and loved sharing it with her friends, she loved the ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ song I sang on with JFK, I know it’s too early for this but have a listen again if you haven’t already. Here’s to you my beautiful Mamalong. You were truly one of a kind. How do we go on without you?



That’s her throwing a peace sign with me in yellow and my cousin Sheena in white, on a boat on the way to Koh Li Pi, Thailand.


The 3 sisters (1 sister is missing!). My aunties will always find things to do to amuse themselves for laughs. That’s Anna, my Mom and Mamalong <3


This is how she chills.


For her age, Mamalong was super strong and steady, look at her!!


Just doing her thing!


The 3 sisters living the life!!! Anna, Mamalong and Mom. Wish you were with us Aunty Rose!


Dr. Nor Fadzillah Bt. Hitam (3/8/52 – 5/1/2015)

We love you very much and you will always live in our hearts.