Adventure: Bintan Dub Club 2015

Adventure: Bintan Dub Club 2015

I went on an adventure early this year for the #BintanDubClub2015 with my friends, hosted by MASIA ONE from Singapore Dub Club where she gathered artists like rappers, musicians, graffiti artists,dancers and DJ’s, T-shirt makers, drum circle all on an Island to share and connect with each other on a creative level.

 It was an honor to have been invited for this 3 day 2 night event, held at Bintan Island in Indonesia for a private party.

When Masia first told me about it, I knew that this was going to be an epic affair for all of us especially since our friend DJ Sarasa from Tokyo, Japan was going to be there with Kathy (Japan/Melbourne) and Masia (Canada/Singapore). I heard many many artists and creative individuals from around the world was going to be there so of course I didn’t want to miss out on any opportunity that can inspire me on a higher level.

I travelled to singapore, where we all met up at the ferry terminal for a 2 and a half hour ride by ferry from Singapore to Bintan. Sitting on that ride for that long was the first for me, the sea was so rough that one of the options I had to survive the ride was, to puke. LOL. I couldn’t stand it but I managed to arrive safe and sober on the other side. It took about 30 minutes by bus to arrive our hotel from the terminal, and as soon as we arrived, we were greeted by other artist peers that arrived there before us.

I had the opportunity to connect with Raghav “Diggy Dang” from “Raggae Rajahs” (India), Yella Sky Sound System, Travis Von Cartier (USA), Char Loro (Canada), Miyo (Graff artist/rapper from Sarawak, Malaysia), Vandal (Canada), Donisha Prendergast, who is the 1st grand daughter of the legendary Bob Marley… yeah, all those names coming together on a musical island private party has got to be EPIC.

Watch both versions of our adventures in Bintan!