Balcony TV

Balcony TV

You know what? I never thought I could do awesome things like being on Balcony TV! It’s crazy. I was so happy to be able

to take part in it. I havent seen the video yet but it will be out sooner than later.Thank you Balcony TV for having me on and

letting me sing an acoustic version of “You Are The One” from my album “12 Shades” I wrote it a while back and that song is

close to my heart. Listen to it when you have time : ) . Big big shout outs to Maryam coz if it wasn’t for her non of this would

have happened! :)

What mind boggled me was how I was able to sing in the cold…


Here are some photos for you! :)



You can see Big Ben in the background!



My cousin Adam had to suffer to try to keep the notes down on the guitars because his fingers were frozen. hehe. Thanks for

helping me out cuz!! I’m so grateful to everyone that has helped and is still helping me along the way, blessed to have good

people around me. Thank you to my aunt Anna for being extremely supportive on everything, its crazy! and my family,

siblings, my mentor Jason Abdul Hakim Schadt and my friends!! You know exactly who you are <3 <3 

Everyone that has been so supportive by showing love and encouragement…it’s awesome you know because sometimes

artists need that to keep going…so keep showing love and support!!:)


Okay im currently in Toronto and its snowing nuts atm so I should probably go before I bore you.. lol



One question,

Have you LIKED my fb page yet?


I guessed as much ;)



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